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Our client is paramount for us. It is our idea to compete in a business environment where our clients feel comfortable. Our clients should be able to entrust their assets to our firm which must ensure transparency, honesty and the highest returns.

Leoberg Auctioneers Afslaers

Leoberg Auctioneers offer solutions in asset disposal by providing professional services in the appraisal valuation and disposal of of assets for local and international markets within the public service and private sector.

About Leoberg Auctioneers & Properties

We Will Move Your Moveable Assets

We market and serve fixed or movable assets by selling them by public auction or private sales.

Disposal of Movable Assets

Our Services

Appraisal and Valuation

We prepare authoritative valuations of estates and assets, overseeing every aspect of the process, even engaging specialists where necessary.

Private Treaty Sale

We assist clients to dispose of their properties through traditional Private Treaty Sale. Our client’s best interests are paramount and Leoberg Auctioneers & Properties will work hard to ensure that the conditions stipulated in the sale agreement are strictly adhered to.


Leoberg Auctioneers and Properties will arrange for the marketing and sale by public Auction of your moveable or fixed assets or property to the highest bidder provided the bid matches or exceeds your set reserve price.

Storage & Transport Facilities

We will arrange for secure storage facilities for your valuable assets at an additional charge until such time as they are disposed of.I Clients are also able to rent our 3 ton truck to assist with the transport of their goods.

Leoberg Auctioneers and Properties – The Prefered Choice for Liquidating Your Assets

Do you have fixed or moveable property that you would like to liquidate? If so contact Leoberg Auctioneers and Properties for a no obligation quote and advice

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